A new recipe for a much-loved food brand


Founded in 1868 by a young gardener with a loan of £100, Baxters is now a global business with manufacturing operations on three continents. We created a delicious new website to make this traditional brand relevant for a new and younger audience.

A purveyor of premium produce

Generations of Brits, particularly in Scotland, have grown up with Baxters’ soups, pickles and sauces. While that’s given the brand great strength across the population and loyalty amongst an older demographic, it wasn’t working for millennials. Despite introducing exciting new flavours (jackfruit and chipotle soup, anyone?), the brand was associated with old-fashioned Scottish classics.


We were briefed to create Baxters’ first e-commerce site while repositioning the brand as a purveyor of premium gastronomy and exciting, innovative products

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Starting small

We didn’t want to rock the boat for the established market - the old favourites were and still are the backbone of the business. So we started small with a focus on hampers and gifts. This immediately realigned the premium end of the range, positioning the products as luxury indulgences rather than everyday staples. More Harrods than Tesco’s, in other words.

The importance of Audrey

Baxters is still very much a family business and Audrey Baxter’s signature collection of jams and preserves is a key part of the premium offering, so we made the most of her personality and character on the new site, as well as in our overall art direction.

Cooking up a new look

Reflecting the company’s insistence on the best ingredients and a new focus on ‘chefy’, creative recipes, we invested in sumptuous food photography and styling. Challenging shots included a dramatically ‘deconstructed’ cullen skink, with ingredients artfully arranged on a jet-black background. Meanwhile, we built an ‘inspiration’ section into the website to engage with a young, foody demographic.

Serving it all up

The result of all our hard work is both a seamless online shopping experience and an inspirational showcase for the brand’s gourmet heritage and culinary expertise. It now attracts and engages millennial foodies as well as their mums, dads and grandparents.