Our UX & brand consultancy transformed the UK's largest charity for the elderly

Age Co

Our consultancy delivered a transformational roadmap for the commercial wing of the UK's largest charity for older people to transform the brand and their digital customer experience.

The UK's largest charity supporting the elderly

Age Co is the commercial wing of Age UK, the UK’s largest charity for older people. The brand was launched in 2018 to make a clear distinction between the charity and its business activities, which are largely in insurance, financial services, and products designed to aid mobility and independence for elderly people.


Equator were appointed as digital agency in 2021. By this point the brand had been around for three years, but an initial soft launch had produced limited awareness. A higher profile relaunch was already at the planning stage.

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A better shop window

The brief was largely to build a better digital shop window for Age Co’s products and services. We would have to align with the relaunch plans, carry out research, and design a better branded online experience.

Getting to know the Age audience

We began with a full Discovery stage, which consisted of unpicking analytics and data, running a high-level review of the UX, and examining core journeys, funnels, content and toolsets. The process uncovered some potential roadblocks, which we shared in a stakeholder workshop before agreeing the next steps.

Deep-diving into the data

The next stage covered in-depth review of the site content, as well as analysis of navigation interaction, path structure and purchase funnel fluency. We looked at the latent behaviour of users, interaction, potential friction, and regression versus progression.

Data-driven UX insights to guide Age

A qualitative review of the UX applied heuristics to site features and functionality, navigation, site search, feedback, forms and error handling, content and help pages, performance and accessibility. We also performed a search performance audit, and a review of deep-link quality.

A roadmap to transform the Age experience

Our analysis produced a roadmap of actions that would deliver a greatly improved user experience for Age Co, as well as a more effective retail site. We provided:

UX guidelines

Clear guidance on how to build the architecture in the most effective way and remain aligned with user needs and goals.

Revised navigational architecture

Unifying the navigational experience across Age's several sites and diverse product categories to ensure users can move through the experience with confidence.

Brand Consultancy

Our digital data insights contributed to the development of a new, stronger visual identity, brand and value proposition

A Keep/Cut list

Based on UX insights we delivered a detailed review of areas of the site that were performing well and those that weren't. This incorporated guidance for which components, content and sections ought to be removed or rethought, and how to improve them.

Getting the edge in digital

As well as looking at existing experiences, we considered the market and competitor offerings in order to create detailed recommendations for features and approaches that would help Age stay ahead of the competition, now and in the coming years.

Co-creating a data-driven brand


For Age Co, we parachuted into a project where plans for a relaunch were already well underway. Our work added significant value and functionality to existing structures, branding and design. If you’d like us to make a contribution to your project - whatever stage it’s at - give us a call to discuss.