Digital Due Diligence approach

Our Process

A thorough assessment that delivers a clear understanding of the target company’s digital maturity, risks and opportunities. D3 delivers a detailed view of the digital ecosystem, how it’s performing, how to can enhance it and a 100-day plan for implementation.

What we assess


We typically approach our assessment from three perspectives. First of all we consider the customer experience and the ability of the target company to attract and retain customers. Secondly we map the current digital operations including the team and external environment. Then we assess the data security and technology that’s in place.

On-site fact-finding

Our team work on-site to conduct interviews and gather first-hand operational visibility to define real-world opportunities.

Technology stack

A thorough review of the digital technology infrastructure to establish its security, compliance and longevity.

Expert Insights

Working across strategy, marketing, technology, user experience, data analytics and marketing, our experts pull together a comprehensive picture of a business' digital estate.


Our team of researchers consider competitor, sector, tech and legal landscape to uncover risks and opportunities for an organisation.

Operational analysis

By undertaking an analysis of the digital maturity of a business' operations, we are able to highlight the potential for cost-savings and efficiencies.

Data Analysis

Our data analysis expertise enables us to understand the effectiveness of the externally facing digital estate and the maturity of the operational data available to establish risks and opportunities for business agility and effectiveness.

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