Search captures people, video moves people

The search landscape is constantly evolving, we are continually looking to find unique ways in which to market our clients in a more effective fashion to get the most out of their budget.

The future for search

The search landscape is constantly evolving, we are continually looking to find unique ways in which to market our clients in a more effective fashion to get the most out of their budget.

The key to driving performance


There are 3 keys to make your video/YouTube PPC drive performance:


- Reach the right customers based on their intent

- Win attention in a low-attention mobile world

- Drive measurable action

Reach the right customers based on their intent

On YouTube alone there are over 1.5 Billion global monthly viewers watching 1 or more hours of video per day…and that is only on taking mobile into account.


YouTube has the precision to reach high-intent audiences whilst not just aiming for everybody. How can we do this? Simply, by leveraging all the intent signals from the Google products that we use – from Search to Google Play, Google Chrome, Gmail and Google Maps.

3 audience targeting tools


Using this data, Google have created new and improved audience targeting tools for some of their Google Search Networks. Here are 3 ways to improve your YouTube PPC:



New Affinity & In-Market Segments

Select from these audiences to find customers who are in the market, which means that they're researching products and are actively considering buying a service or product like yours.




Life Events

Engage with viewers on YouTube around important life milestones, like graduating, moving home or getting married. By understanding when these moments are taking place, we can tailor your advertising to reach the right users with the right messages. E.g. From wedding planning to the honeymoon (potential here for hotel clients), advertisers can have an active role to play in sending newlyweds on the right path.




Consumer Patterns

This is a brand-new feature for Google and YouTube. Make sure your ad can reach frequent grocery, big box, department, convenience store shoppers, frequent restaurant goers, and more.

Another way to maximise conversion


These 3 targeting options mean that we can ensure your product is reaching the correct customers at the right time to maximise the use of budget and increase the chance of conversions. Another targeting measure to use is custom intent audiences. This is where we can reach potential customers with video ads on YouTube after they’ve searched for specific keywords on Google. Similar to a traditional PPC campaign, we set up a list of keywords that we would want to target. Google constantly refreshes the YouTube audience with new people who have recently searched for those keywords.


Using targeting effectively on your video marketing can drive big results when you reach a high-intent audience.

Win their attention in a low-attention mobile world

More choice in media means more competition for attention. Adults’ attention is shifting. >20% of US adults don’t pay for TV; and 8 in 10 multitask on another device whilst “watching” it.


And the next generation of consumers are growing up in a world that is entirely ‘skippable.’ 7 in 10 teenagers watch 3+ hours of mobile video per day; teens watch 2x more YouTube + Netflix than cable.

Only 66%

of (non Youtube) ads are atleast 50% on screen for 2 seconds

Only 45%

of TV commercial time is watched due to skipping, multitasking and channel switching

Driving measurable actions

We want to market your ad effectively and YouTube have provided the platform to do this via 2 core ad formats:


- TrueView Ads (video length min. 15 secs) - Give viewer’s choice to watch, and only pay when they choose not to skip.

- Bumper Ads (video length 6 secs) – Short ads - the perfect length to share an effective message while respecting shorter attention spans.


The is a brand-new ad format from YouTube, is called TrueView for action – here, you can drive click actions right from a video. Previously consumers would only be able to click through to the website (adding another step to the booking process) on a YouTube ad – now we can use a number of call-to-actions to help drive conversions. We have now also been given the capacity to measure conversions driven by both views and clicks on your video ads. In a recent study by Google (Source: Google/Eye Square Experiment 8 ads, US, March 2017.) YouTube bumper ads drove the same Ad recall as Facebook ads…but in 80% less time! This shows how effective YouTube ads have become.

In summary


How can YouTube convert attention into action? Simply by:


- Reaching users based on their searches, intent, and habits on Google

- Converting them on YouTube with video ads which capture attention & drive action

- Measuring when a YouTube view or click drives a conversion


If you want to learn more about our Search team and how we can use YouTube to drive performance, feel free to drop us a line.