PE Sector Highlights from Q4 2021

Q4 Newsletter 2021

After a busy January, tech capability, digital transformation, and online strategies remain front-of-mind for our PE clients looking to build value quickly.

A record quarter for tech diligence assignments 

In a market of high multiples and intense competition, Equator experienced another record quarter delivering dozens of tech diligence assignments in the UK, US and Europe. We produced digital roadmaps for healthcare, hospitality, and logistics businesses. We also supported the execution of significant transformation projects involving everything from rebrands, e-commerce upgrades to automation, integration, and data optimisation.

2021 Q4 Tech & digital due diligence assignments


Download a one page summary of 12 diligences from the last quarter, including key themes and outcomes in case they resonate with anything in your world. 

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Common place


You will note that we're seeing tech and digital diligence becoming the norm across traditional and software businesses with scopes typically covering standard IT items, commercial considerations (ROAS, CPA, etc.). Of course, there is always infrastructure, platforms, security, and team…always remember the team!

What's next


Keep watching for our latest case studies and projects over the coming months to help inspire your thinking and confidence in the opportunities and challenges you may be working on. 

Our top three sector reports


You can still download our top three most-read sector digital thought leadership papers here.