Equator and Embark, winners at BIMA Awards 2022

We are excited to end this year with another great success: our silver win at the BIMA Awards 2022! The BIMA Awards are the UK’s most prestigious digital and tech awards, so we’re particularly proud of this result.

We earned our win thanks to an ambitious and innovative project that had great goals to achieve: redesign and rethink Embark's platform. 


The project required incredible hard work and was awarded silver for ‘Best use of Digital’ in the Professional Services Category at the BIMA Awards. The fact that it received such great recognition pays off the efforts of everybody involved.


Let's take a step back to get to know the client, their request, and our solution.

A bold ask, an ambitious project, a true winner

Embark, part of Lloyds Group and one of the UK’s largest retirement solution providers, chose Equator to update their platform and deliver a more intuitive experience.


Embark's platform allows their customers to manage over £37bn in investments, so redesigning, re-platforming, and enhancing it was no small task. Backed up by our wealth of experience in innovating in the financial services sector, we succeeded where others tried and faltered.

As we worked throughout the pandemic, we developed a highly collaborative sprint-based process that allowed us to efficiently solve UX and technical factors as well as specific features and journeys from remote.

The platform we designed features several innovations: Dual Architecture for financial professionals and retail customers; Effortless White-labelling to easily white-label the entire platform for third parties; Modular structure for effortless growth and evolution; Future-proof architecture to make the system composable and connectable to all other Lloyds systems.


Such a critical product required impeccable execution, which we achieved in a fraction of the time and budget of some competitors, allowing Embark to save costs and time.


The platform's ground-breaking functionalities ensure customer satisfaction and the ability to stay ahead of the competition now and in the future. Furthermore, the new service was one of the reasons for Lloyds Banking Group's purchase of Embark, which will help Lloyds to deliver a "modernised, leading, self-managed investment offering" to its customers.

We are hugely proud of what we’ve achieved with Embark, knowing we delivered a true winner in the marketplace that well deserved such an important award! Equator had a fantastic year, and we know that 2023 will be just as successful. Cheers to us!