Visit Scotland

A Perfect Day

Of all appointments, this was a particularly exciting one; to promote our country to visitors from all over the world.


Lead digital agency for Scotland!

We were appointed as lead digital agency for the public part of this private/public partnership. This meant creating digital campaigns for seasonal and interest-related promotions as well as advising on digital strategy. We’ve included one of the many campaigns we developed here – A Perfect Day.



The chance to explore

Research showed that the target for this campaign was cash-rich, time-poor and motivated by the chance to experience new places and activities. The theme centred around the concept of experiencing your perfect day in Scotland, highlighting how easy it is to get from London to the islands of Scotland and showing the unique and life-enhancing experiences to be had in Scotland.



The story of a perfect day

A commercial was produced, which told the story of a couple flying from London to Glasgow and on to the islands, including landing on the beach at Barra, sea kayaking, cooking supper and enjoying a dram under the stars. The campaign appeared in cinemas nationally and in Empire magazine. We created the PPC campaign and site based around a cinematic theme. As well as enabling users to view the commercial, it functioned as a guide to the places and activities featured in it.


Big Numbers

A real connection

In a six week period, the campaign was viewed over 300,000 times. The site was visited by 15,000 people and thousands entered the competition to win the perfect day.

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