Village Hotels


Website Transformation

Bringing to life the brand's 'Welcome to More' proposition in the online experience.


Something a little different

We were tasked with re-designing and developing an engaging new experience that was a little different to your average hotel site. It had to bring to life the brand's 'Welcome to More' proposition and more accurately reflect the in-hotel experience online.


The big number

Conversion hit a massive 12%

By creating a more engaging brand experience and implementing several new features that made life easier for people, the site achieved a booking conversion high-point of 12%.



A merchandising platform

We created a lifestyle-focused Umbraco site that promoted the brand’s breadth of offering. The homepage featured an interactive wall incorporating offers, photos and illustrations to enable the promotion of a huge variety of different, engaging and ever-changing messages to be displayed. A true merchandising platform that also made booking a stay much easier.



New features to enhance the experience

In the 2011 build, we added a series of new features that enhanced the brand experience. We created a new brand experience section to give a taste of what the hotels offer. We added interactive maps to aid the search process. The new offers section allowed users to easily find the most relevant promotions. We built an events tool to simplify party night booking. A refined booking component streamlined the process in order to increase booking conversion.


Big Numbers

More visitors and lots more bookings

The site went live in October 2011 and within the first month of going live, conversion rates shot up to over 12%. Since then, there has been a 62% increase in visitors to the site and a magnificent 15% reduction in bounce rate from the homepage.

If you’d like to talk to us about the hotel industry and conversion rate optimisation, we’d love to hear from you