Village Hotels

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We created a PPC campaign for Village hotels, carefully managing bids and controlling cost per booking to combat increasing competition from OTAs.


The Challenge.

With the ever-increasing competition from OTA’s in the AdWords auction, presence in paid search is not only more vital than ever, it is also more complicated. Essentially being present twice or more within a search – via their own PPC activity and also OTA activity – makes it increasingly difficult to grow KPIs.



Direct Bookings from PPC.

Village Hotels has the objective of driving more direct online bookings via PPC activity while achieving a strong ROI. This means that bids need to be carefully managed to ensure Village Hotels can combat the OTAs in the AdWords auction whilst bidding efficiently to ensure cost per booking is minimal.



Providing an incentive over OTAs.

In addition to this, Village Hotels has been promoting exclusive offers which can only be booked direct and ensuring that this is conveyed within ad copy to provide an incentive over OTAs.

To achieve these objectives of driving more direct bookings and maintaining a strong ROI via PPC, we:

  • Expanded keyword lists to ensure all possible brand search terms were covered
  • Promoted offers and incentives available by booking direct within ad copy
  • Implemented an aggressive bidding strategy to ensure they were present on 100% of brand search terms with a strong top of page position


31% increase in ROI year-on-year.

The client was very pleased with the results that came from this activity. Highlights included:


  • PPC bookings increased 12% year-on-year
  • This also led to a 13% increase in revenue accumulated via PPC year-on-year
  • Conversion rate via PPC activity increased 24% year-on-year
  • Improving efficiency of bidding strategy reduced cost per click 4% year-on-year
  • Overall, achieving a 31% increase in ROI year-on-year

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