Village Hotels


Innovation Strategy

We created 'Ask Village' with Village Hotels and the Amazon Echo Dot to further enhance the service provided in their Portsmouth hotel and further establish their stance as the UK's most digital hotel.
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Village and Amazon Alexa.

Village Hotels launched its most high-tech site yet in Portsmouth, with every club room featuring a customised Amazon Alexa that acts as a virtual concierge.


The Amazon Echo Dot was programmed by our innovation team, allowing guests to ‘Ask Village’ and during the digital assistant’s length of service, she’s heard just about everything.


From party revellers looking for a hangover cure to curious minds pondering scientology, Village’s customer requests include some hilarious and downright strange examples like “Alexa, what is a chateaubriand steak?” and “Alexa, am I beautiful?”.

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The UK's Most Digital Hotel.

All statements and requests preceded by “Alexa…” from Village customers are stored in a secure database by Equator’s Innovation team. This enabled us to further enhance the service provided by the bot technology as Village continues to cement its standing as the UK’s most digital hotel. Although their requests are stored, all customers remain completely anonymous.

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Ask Alexa.

The bespoke virtual assistant was piloted earlier this year in a UK-industry first, at Village’s flagship Glasgow and Warrington locations. The developed Alexa answers questions and performs tasks to enhance the customer experience. Examples include sharing gym opening times, booking taxis, ordering room service, suggesting things to do in the local area and setting late check-out. In the innovative Portsmouth hotel, the device is an integral part of every Club Room experience.


Instructions on the device inform guests not to ask the virtual concierge about next week’s winning lottery numbers, if Donald Trump’s hair is real, if their bum looks big or to explain infinity. However, from the wide array of interesting requests put to Alexa, it is clear Village’s guests have few limits to their imagination.

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Leading the way in hotel innovation.

This multi-channel experience for Village guests has received some extremely positive feedback from guests and staff. Village are leading the way in building a better experience for customers and that’ll help the brand stand head and shoulders above the competition.