Vets Now

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PR Strategy with a Bit of Bite

Equator reached over 10 million people in an initiative to raise awareness of Vets Now and position it as the UK’s first 24-hour pet emergency service.


Teaching old dogs new tricks

Vets Now was already a well-established veterinary service within the industry, but its strong B2B roots posed difficulties when attempting to reach out to a consumer market. Equator devised and implemented a creative educational campaign to help Vets Now engage with pet owners across the UK, and position its staff as the UK’s leading experts in small pet care. The campaign seeded seasonal content across national press and social media, raising awareness of possible pet emergencies, how to prevent them, and how Vets Now could assist in crisis situations. The campaign worked alongside the launch of a Vets Now app, which enabled users to immediately get in touch with the closest available vet in cases of emergency.


The Big number

Unleashed potential: reaching 10m people

In just six months the campaign reached over 10m people, being widely featured across national, regional and local media. The campaign’s success was propelled by the development of a tiered content strategy which educated pet owners, showcased pioneering examples of veterinary care, and promoted the dedication and compassion of its staff. The media traction was further heightened by demand for exclusive follow up content from outlets such as the BBC, helping to build brand awareness amongst pet owners as Vets Now shifted its focus to a consumer market.

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Letting the cat out of the bag

One of Equator’s objectives was to raise awareness of the GPS-powered Vets Now app, which directs users to their nearest vet by simply touching an emergency button.

Vets Now’s expertise and 24-hour service taps into the emotive element behind having reliable care that was always on hand for you and your pet. Recognising this as a driving factor for pet owners, an experiential launch of the app was staged in Glasgow’s Buchanan Street.

The human face behind the brand was brought to life as Vets Now staff brought their own pets to engage with passers-by, and handed out “Shit Happens” poop scoop bags, supporting the message that as pet owners we’ve all been there – but now there’s now someone that you can trust to help you out.

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Fetching ideas

The understanding of the connection between owners and their pets formed the heart of our strategy and powered the consumer focus of our content.

Equator developed inspirational, real-life case studies of how Vets Now expertise had saved the lives of pets across the UK, showcasing the innovation and commitment delivered in its clinics and hospitals across the country.

The campaign engaged with pet owners on an emotional level to raise brand awareness, while educating them on responsible pet ownership and steps to take in emergency situations.

This personable approach successfully struck a chord with both media and consumers, providing Vets Now with a platform for educational content and the opportunity to position the brand as an innovative leader in emergency care for small pets across the country.

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Big Numbers

Small pets – big numbers

Our content campaign positioned Vets Now as the UK’s first pet’s emergency service, and established a real connection between the brand and UK pet owners.

The campaign consistently delivered high impact media results – boasting over 400 pieces of UK coverage, which accumulated to expose Vets Now’s message to over 10M consumers.

The content strategy worked to provide engaging and shareable content that could be repurposed on social media, leading to an increase of 20k followers on Facebook alone.

This strong response to the campaign enabled a cultural shift in the Vets Now business, positioning it as the go-to service for UK owners in need of emergency pet care, while retaining its strong connections as a corporate brand.