Thomson Al Fresco Email


Thomson Al Fresco Mailers

As part of an integrated digital strategy, Equator developed an email program for the brand.


Out of the ordinary

We were tasked with developing email creative that would reflect the brand's positioning as 'Out of the ordinary'. This involved producing an approach that would be flexible enough to communicate brand messages, as well as tactical offers. The program had to achieve consistently high open and click-through rates, while maintaining a low unsubscribe rate.


The big numbers

An overall return on investments of 5:1

By combining timely, targeted offers with informative, playful content, the email program achieved great results that vastly exceeded expectation.



There's no tooth fairy in Spain

To bring the playful brand identity to life we settled on a bright, colourful look based around the company's brand mascot, Alf.



A mix of playfulness and compelling prices

The email format delivered tactical offers combined with the brand personality being expressed in humorous, interesting insights in the region being promoted. In support of offers and local area insights, we designed in messages about the company and its unique service to provide customer reassurance.


Big Numbers

Over 35% average click-throughs

The joyful, informative emails were well received by customers and resulted in some great results. We achieved an average open rate of over 35% and average click-through rate of up to 31%. Overall, Thomson Al Fresco enjoyed a strong return on investment of 5:1 through bookings generated from the email program.

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