The Macallan

Interactive Design

A visually stunning, responsive site with an easy-to-use online shop at its core – invigorates social media and evaluates it as a global lifestyle brand.


The most beautiful spirit site in the world.

The Macallan is a renowned luxury whisky that seamlessly blends rich tradition with a contemporary, stylish image. But its clunky site and dated imagery didn’t reflect its polished brand. They wanted us to create a fully responsive website with improved navigation, usability and engagement through social integration.


Our visually stunning site told the story of the 200-year-old malt, grabbed the attention of aficionados and new whisky drinkers alike and transformed it into a sought-after global brand supported by several international sites. 



Stray from the norm to fresh take on a rich heritage.

Traditional whisky websites are typically dark with tartan accents and a few red and brown hues thrown in for good measure. We shook up the monotony by creating an ultra-modern design that celebrated their rich heritage.


As organisers of the annual Masters of Photography competition, The Macallan collaborated with some of the best photographers in the world - like Annie Leibovitz, Rankin, Albert Watson and Elliot Erwitt, so we used their exclusive collection of photos to give a unique artistic view of the distillery.



A fascinating journey that reveals what makes the brand unique.

Our contemporary design featured magnificent images of The Macallan Estate in the Highlands and its range of single malts. Scrolling pages made it simple for people to navigate the individual stories of each malt. And our bespoke stylish but straightforward online boutique seamlessly integrated into the site – even though we created it on a separate e-commerce site.


To improve engagement, drive traffic and gain new customers, we created a social element to the site ‘The Moment’. It was updated daily with fresh aspects like cocktail recipes, food pairings and photos – content that got people sharing it on social.



Award-winning reinvented site creates record visitors and online revenue.

Our beautifully designed, fully mobile responsive site conveyed the luxury and elegance of the brand. Creating a seamless experience between the main site and boutique achieved more than £300,000 sales in a day. The ever-evolving ‘The Moment’ ignited their social media to create an overwhelmingly positive impact on engagement with the brand. A limited-edition whisky was launched on the day the new site went live, creating record visitor numbers and record online revenue.


On the back of the success of the original site, an additional Spanish site has been launched in Spain with Russian and Korean sites to follow - three key markets. Winner of numerous prestigious design accolades, we are confident this site is a contender for the title of the “most beautiful spirit website in the world”.

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