Tesco Bank Credit Card


Application Customer Journey

Tesco Bank tasked Equator with redesigning their credit card application journey to optimise it for multiple devices and massively improve their user experience.


The Challenge

Tesco Bank wanted us to review their credit card application journey, which was very long and only optimised for desktop; applicants were experiencing difficulties completing the online form and often had to contact the call centre to complete the process. There was a real opportunity to massively improve the user experience and ensure the online journey was as user-friendly as possible. Equator was tasked with creating an optimised journey for phone, tablet, pc and other devices using responsive design and mobile-first principles. In addition to this, we had to be very mindful of legal and risk restrictions faced by any financial provider.



Optimising the user journey.

Taking on learnings from similar quote and buy projects we've undertaken, the design team at Equator carried out a full UX and design review of the application process. We had the freedom to, and did, change a number of key elements – the order of the questions, the number of screens the user is faced with and the grouping of questions.


The design solution also incorporated a number of new and improved features, such as: real-time validation to reassure the customer of their progress through the form fields – rather than waiting until they tried to submit before revealing the errors; a more customer-friendly way of displaying the terms and conditions; a progress bar to manage customer expectations and show their progress through each form screen; handwritten notes and prompts to guide the user through the form and clear help icons at known drop off points on the form.

tesco_UX_credit_card_case_study02_2.jpg100%.jpg (1)


A collaborative project with Tesco Bank.

Prototyping and user testing was key to the project’s success. Initially we created visuals of a simplified two-step process for desktop and mobile. We then created a responsive test site based on approved visuals that allowed the tester to proceed through each page of the form in order to help refine and re-shape the design and build the recommendations we were making.


Our team worked closely with the project team at Tesco Bank to deliver a fully comprehensive prototype to their third-party providers who were implementing the build and development aspects of the project. We provided packaged HTML and detailed handover documentation to aid implementation and ensure the end result stayed true to the progressive design solution we created.

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Best in Class.

Google named the updated credit card application process Best in Class – a real coup.


Equator halved the number of steps to sign up for a Tesco Bank credit card – which helped to increase conversion by 13%, driving more users through the process and helping Tesco Bank retain customers.