Tesco Bank Car Insurance


User experience

We were asked to streamline the user journey of Tesco Bank's Car Insurance quote and buy section that resulted in an increase of applications on the site.


Transforming user experience.

Following the success of our redesigned Credit Card online application for Tesco Bank, we were asked to transform their car insurance quote and buy journey, from a cumbersome thirteen page, five-stage process, into a user-friendly, best-in-class form.



A first-hand understanding of the limitations of the current form.

We got the project properly underway with a workshop involving the Equator project team and Tesco Bank stakeholders, to identify requirements, possible technical limitations and ensure an agreed best approach. Our UX designers also discussed their findings following a full UX and design review of the quote journey, particularly the main challenges needed to be overcome to improve the form.


We initially worked on a stripped back wireframe prototype of our proposed quote journey which was submitted for user testing – this helped analyse user interactions with form and determine if the layout of content was effective. It also allowed us to gain a first-hand understanding of the limitations of the early form and its design. By combining this with the ongoing findings of user research detailing interactions with form and the thoughts of users as they were completing an application form, we were able to determine what was working, what wasn’t and which elements could be improved upon.

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Simplifying the user journey.

By recognising common themes and issues, we were able to amend the form by making the product simpler to understand, using natural language to shorten the page length. We also provided help-text, auto-complete and validation to avoid any confusion.


Users were also given choices via buttons instead of dropdowns, with one click to select. All options could be viewed upfront, which offered a more straightforward experience on touch devices by removing keyboard pop-ups. We also reduced the journey from thirteen pages to four, shortening the name of every step, removing ‘Completed’ as one, as well as adding a progress indicator.


On mobile devices, we made the quote ‘sticky’, so that always showed on screen throughout the journey but also respond to updates in real time, with full information revealed without having to scroll.



A "quick and really easy to use" quotation process.

We dramatically reduced the quotation process from thirteen pages to four, and received a range of positive feedback during user testing, with the form described as “quick and really easy to use”. However, real evidence of the new quote and buy journey’s success was the average time it took to complete an application reducing by 40 per cent and applications increasing by 8%.

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