Speed Scotland

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Speed Scotland Website Design

We built Speed Scotland's website built in record-time, thrusting the team into the spotlight and driving donations.


A profile-boosting responsive site to accelerate donations

Speed Scotland would be the first Scottish Team to attempt to break the World Land Speed Record in the 1Ltr Supercharged Class at the Bonneville Speed Week in Utah. But with cost standing at £300,000, accomplishing it wouldn’t be cheap. They needed an engaging website to mirror the innovation of their home-built streamliner car, gain media attention and increase interest and donations. And they needed it fast. We only had days to design, develop and launch the site so we got down to work quickly.


The Big Number

Designed in days, site helps raise £300k in less than 2 months

In under a month, we designed and developed a mobile-friendly website, integrating videos that showcased their bold ambition and expertise. The media and businesses took notice – along with the public. In less than two months, the site drastically raised their profile and helped them reach their fundraising goal.

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Limited time and budget doesn’t limit success

Daring to create a high-performing website in days might seem outrageous. But then, so did attempting to beat a land speed record in a home-made car. We were fuelled by Speed Scotland’s passion. And we believed others would be too. But raising money in the current economic climate is a tough job. The site had to do more than just grab attention - it needed to tell Speed Scotland’s emotionally engaging story to get people invested in the project.

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Revealing the rocky road to success wins people over

The team didn’t have a record-breaking budget but they had passion and a compelling come-back kid story. We made their previous unsuccessful attempt to smash the 1000cc land speed record part of their evolutionary journey. Our interactive site shared the inspirational ups and downs of their story through eye-popping imagery, videos and persuasive copy. People loved their determination and donations soon followed.

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Site shifts team into high gear to attract wide-reaching attention

The response to the site has been incredible. It’s captured the attention of key backers from the local government and the business community, and sparked the interest of car makers Nissan and Mitsubishi. VisitScotland promoted the site in both the UK and America. And the team’s story – and our work on the project – will be featured in a series of BBC documentaries. Popular motor TV show Top Gear will also air the actual record attempt. Not bad for a site built in a few weeks.