It’s all change in finance

Financial Services Work

With high profile disruptors stealing significant market share from the old guard, the time for financial institutions to rest on laurels and legacy systems is long gone.

Future-focussed finance

We have created strategies, services and agile start-ups for many major financial services brands. These brands come to Equator for expertise that enables them to create innovation-focussed teams, intelligent operations and human-centred customer experiences that transform their agility and the effectiveness of their customer relationships.

Other areas of dedicated expertise

Challenging a challenger

Shawbrook Bank

Applying our full-service offering, we helped define a unique position and personality for this small, specialist independent bank, transforming the brand and its entire communications strategy.

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Tesco Bank

Putting banking consumers first

We smoothed out car insurance, fixed credit-card application and transformed the pre-login website from scratch. And our work’s been accredited as ‘Best in Class’ by Google

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FT – Renewals & Step Up creative campaign

Creating a targeted customer retention journey

In a drive to improve renewal sales and reduce the impact of ‘bill shock’ cancellations, the Financial Times tasked us to review and create a new approach to their ‘Renewals and Step Up’ communications.

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Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank

Banking on success

Our visionary, strategic approach for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group covers innovative app development, social media strategy and live event sponsorship.

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Credit Unions

How we took 150 credit unions online

Responding to a government initiative to provide an alternative to loan sharks and payday lenders, The Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL) approached Equator for help.

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Breathing life into legacy systems

How our enterprise level engineering enabled us to integrate with complex legacy platforms to transformed user journeys for Vitality.

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Golden Charter

Planning for the inevitable, made easy

We transformed the digital experience, driving leads and revenue while maintaining a caring and respectful tone for a sensitive subject.

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Standard Life

Increasing engagement and retention for pensions

Pension engagement has always been a complex challenge; we partnered with Standard Life to develop a strategy that empowered customers and brought business benefits with it.

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Mauritius Commercial Bank

Reimagining the digital estate

How we took a UX centred approach to revolutionise the entire banking experience across MCB’s personal, private and corporate offerings.

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Helping a heritage brand grow

Agriapet works with owners, vets, breeders and rehoming organisations to provide award-winning lifetime pet cover.

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A Partnership for SEO

How our SEO retainer evolved into a consultancy relationship, with results going beyond just traffic growth.

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Extraordinary ROI for PricewaterhouseCoopers

Our highly-targeted integrated marketing campaign across UK and Europe delivered a staggering 165-to-1 return on investment.

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Church House

Finding the path to a dynamic new visual identity

When private wealth management company Church House asked us to refine and reposition their brand, we used dynamic graphics and engaging, story-telling imagery to create an engaging and progressive identity.

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Royal London

Future-proofing Britain’s biggest mutual society

We worked with Royal London to build a more engaging, future-proof brand experience for direct customers and intermediaries.

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Transforming Financial Services for 20 years

Showcase Finance Clients

We are proud to have many long-standing relationships with businesses of all types in the Financial Services sector. For these brands we've created transformational strategies, game-changing digital services and even built entirely new businesses.

Thought leadership, analysis and innovative thinking

Financial Services Sector Reports and Webinars

Financial Services Webinar - July 16, 2020

Banking Bounceback - Financial services in a changed world - An updated view

The country is starting to open up again, optimism has returned to the marketplace and the chancellor has stimulated the market with new spending incentives. Join us for a brief look at what this means for banks and financial services. And how brands, marketers and digital teams can stay ahead.

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Financial Services Webinar - April 21, 2020

Banking & COVID-19 - Flexibility, surety, service

Insights into how banks and finance brands are perfectly placed to play a strong part in this COVID-19 crisis and how technology could help.

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Financial Services Webinar - April 16, 2020

Insurance & COVID-19

How the COVID-19 crisis could define the future of insurance products and how digital readiness could keep you in front.

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Financial Services Webinar - March 31, 2020

Fight or Flight Webinar

Martin Jordan, Equator's Innovation & Insight Director, looked at what brands should be doing to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lessons from the 2008 crash

Fight or Flight Report

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are living through one of the most significant global crises in fifty years. Read our report on what brands should be doing.

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