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Scottish Hydro

Scottish Hydro Centre

As part of their investment in renewable energy, we helped SSE create a Centre for Renewable Excellence in Glasgow


A vision of things to come

Their new venue based in SSE’s Glasgow HQ, would boast an electric car garage and a permanent exhibition to bring to life how renewable energy is made and the opportunities it represents. People of all ages are welcome to experience the highly interactive exhibition space.

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More than a brochure

We were invited to create an online presence for the exhibition centre. Working together with SSE, we realised that there were bigger opportunities for the site than had initially been considered. What started out as a brochure site, became something considerably more impactful and useful for visitors. Something that would put The Scottish Hydro Centre on the map.

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It's a wrap

The completed website delivered a stunning introduction to the centre as well as useful additional features including the ability to book electric vehicle charging stations and book EV test drives. To support the launch of the centre we were also tasked with the creation of other assets including a wrap to make SSE's electric car really noticeable.

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Big Numbers

A high profile beacon

The site was a big hit with users. Loads of positive feedback, full EV charging stations and a constant stream of test-drives have meant that The Scottish Hydro Centre has become a high profile beacon for renewable energy in the heart of Glasgow.

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