Sainsburys Bank


Sainsbury's Bank asked us to help them make the product pages on their website work a little harder.


Too much information

We were invited to work with Sainsbury’s Bank to enhance the content and structure of their product pages as they weren’t delivering as many leads as the business needed. This boiled down to a User Experience challenge – the pages were more complicated than they needed to be. They were confusing customers more than helping them.



A retail approach

After an interrogation of the site we re-formatted the product pages to follow best practices for online selling in the retail sector. This solution was both relevant to the brand as a major retailer but also offered a very simple method for customers to understand the products at a glance. In effect, we brought to life for the customer, the original Sainsbury's Bank concept that a retail approach to selling financial products would pay dividends.



Make it really simple

Once the re-formatting of the pages was complete, we then set about re-crafting the copy. Creating clear, concise statements that clearly defined the product; removing unnecessary words and giving all copy a coherent, friendly tone.

02_Sains_content_3.jpg (2)

Big Numbers

Simple things that make life better

The result of this exercise was to create product pages on the site that communicated the product more clearly, included stronger calls to action and provided only the information essential to allow customers to decide. The result was increased applications and a more positive customer experience.

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