Rocco Forte

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A new standard for luxury experiences.

A profile-raising site exemplifies sophistication of the brand but simplifies booking to ramp up sales in weeks.


Telling the brand story

Rocco Forte is one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands with locations across Europe. Each hotel previously had its own website, but they wanted to create a single unified site to raise the profile of the brand. We used dramatic imagery coupled with slick scrolling to tell their story in a more engaging way and dramatically increase their online revenue.


The Big Number

Over £1m in sales in first three weeks

People flocked to the new responsive site and found it much easier to use. As a result, they booked more. In the first month alone, 19% more visitors to the site booked rooms. Not only that, but compared with the previous year, the value of what people booked also increased by 27%. Just as impressively, the site generated over £1 million in sales in less than a month.

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Choice doesn’t have to be complicated

Representing each of their hotels on 11 independent sites was chaotic to manage. Simply put, there was no brand consistency. The new bespoke Umbraco site resolved this by creating a unified site that embodied the prestige of the brand. It impeccably showcased their impressive portfolio without being complicated. And thanks to advanced technological methods in translation, it could be easily accessed in different languages. So whether you were looking at the site on your desktop in London, your smart phone in Rome or anywhere in between, the responsive design meant it worked perfectly on any device.

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Inspire but don’t overwhelm the customer

Rocco Forte wanted us to create a stunning brand site so that’s what we did. But we also knew it was just as important to flaunt the unique personalities of the hotels in each location. We joined up striking imagery with a streamlined structure to tell an enticing story. This let people easily explore locations, access unrivalled offerings and get inspired without being overwhelmed. Understanding the aspirations of the brand and its customers helped us to ensure the design and usability was spot-on.

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Big Numbers

Rocco Forte – bold and brilliant in any language!

Our bespoke design incorporated the best of the brand to create our client’s dream site - unlike anything else in the hospitality sector. Our innovative technological methods seamlessly managed multilingual site pages, making it an enjoyable experience in every language. The result? Customers loved it and bookings soared in the space of weeks. And the site doesn’t just look good. It literally feels good. Easy scrolling means people can navigate around, book online and even manage their reservation easily.

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