Premier Inn

Premier Inn Affiliate Program

Sometimes size brings its own challenges.


Sometimes size brings challenges

In Premier Travel Inn's case, they often struggled to fill certain hotels at particular times of the year. It is not always easy to fill a hotel in Middlesbrough on a wet Wednesday in February.


The big number

£1m of bookings in just 2 months

By building a strategy around connecting need sites and times with the right audiences, we delivered over £1,000,000 in bookings in just 2 months.



Fill the need sites for 1/3 the cost

Armed with the knowledge of running the paid search campaign, we recommended they add an affiliate campaign to the mix. They challenged us to launch an affiliate campaign with 33% of the normal target cost per booking, and fill those hotels in challenging locations at certain times of the year.



A 'need site' strategy

We devised a campaign built around Premier Inn’s communication plan. The cornerstone of the activity was a 'need sites' strategy, with a solid mix of PPC, SEO, email marketing and affiliates, that would help fill the lean periods.


Big Numbers

Big result fast

The 'need site' strategy ensured that hotels like Middlesbrough were filled regardless of time of year, the weather or location. Within 2 weeks the campaign had generated over £150,000 in bookings. In the second month we had already generated over £1,000,000 in bookings.

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