We worked with Friends Life to create a new model for managing savings and investments online.


Confidence-building finance management

The idea of managing your own finances is quite a daunting one. Pensions and savings can be quite confusing at the best of times. Friends Life identified the need to develop an easy to use financial management service. They came up with PlanWise; a service where customers could manage their pensions, savings and other financial products in one location online. What's more is those customers would also have access to online support for any concerns they might have.

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Investigation of business, technical and customer needs

Connections were central to this project’s success. As well as considering business objectives, it was vital that the broad target audience was fully considered and their needs clearly understood. The site also had to interface seamlessly with existing systems. To achieve this, we carried out thorough stakeholder sessions, technical implementation research and first-hand customer focus groups.



User-centred design

We started by creating user profiles for all types of potential customers so that we could accommodate a variety of different perspectives. Based on this study, we set about designing a website structure that allowed for a smooth and easy user journey no matter what services a customer wanted. We also developed engaging content to help guide users through the process.


Big numbers

Better for customers, better for business

The site we built successfully made it easy for customers to sign up and begin their financial management with just a few clicks. The site was fully integrated into the Friends Life back-end systems and their content management system, Teamsite, in order to streamline the management of the service.

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