Peoples Ford


Peoples Ford Social and Creative Campaign

A radical reinvention of social and creative campaigns outpaced the competition, doubling online enquiries in just 3 months


Revved-up social media strategy to gain new followers and accelerate engagement

As Europe’s largest Ford dealer, Peoples Ford has dealerships across Scotland and the North West of England. When they started more than 30 years ago, their strategy was focused on more traditional marketing. Although they had profiles for many social channels, lack of strategy and infrequent posting meant they had very little engagement. To ‘dominate social’ in the motoring world, they needed help – and fast. Our strategic approach breathed new life into dormant channels by delivering regular fresh content that gained followers and fired-up engagement.


The Big Number

Accelerated social strategy doubles online enquiries in 3 months

Exciting new content was key to driving up interest. Our full-speed-ahead social strategy had people racing to find out more about the car dealer. We woke up their sleeping channels to create a buzz about the what the motoring brand was offering. Over the course of the first three months, we enticed 5,000 new followers and doubled online enquiries.



Customer behaviour reveals how to shape our strategy

Finding out what made the brand tick was instrumental to standing out. Our workshop helped us grasp their unique selling points, business objectives and get to the heart of the brand. We also got up-to-speed with the Ford product range and the people who love it. Delving into the customer journey let us plan how social could influence people’s decisions to buy a car. Understanding how their target audience behaved on social influenced which channels we developed for content strategy.



Old meets new to create the best of all worlds and the broadest appeal

Our multi-dimensional strategy was defined by four key pillars. Performance. Customer Experience. Nostalgia. Promotions. Building on Ford’s heritage, we mingled classic images with new elements like videos, games and GIFs to create a sense of familiarity fused with excitement for the future.

Each campaign we created targeted specific People Ford customer personas, and paid promotion ensured that the content reached those target groups. By taking a ‘test and refine’ approach for each, we were able to quickly finesse content to improve engagement and conversion – with calls to action ranging from booking a test drive online to entering a competition.


Big Numbers

Social Media champions outperform the competition and double online enquiries

By using a variety of themes and content types meant we connected with a wider range of people and boost brand awareness. After just three months People Ford were consistently outperforming all of its competitors on social media – and online enquiries doubled. Peoples was also commended for its social media performance at the European Ford Conference.