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Peacocks Organic Search

The first part of the SEO strategy was simply good hygiene; beginning with optimising the site for product range terms.


Constantly updating.

The challenge with building a search optimising plan for a fashion retailer is that what is hot one season, is not the next. Another complicating factor is that Peacocks introduces 30 to 50 new womenswear lines every week! So, in terms of devising a SEO strategy, optimising the site for the most topical terms was not an option.


The big number

255% overall revenue growth

Our strategic approach to create optimised content to improve rankings for high-volume generic terms delivered huge returns for Peacocks.



Dealing with generic teams.

We realised that a successful strategy would have to focus on high volume, generic keywords. The most relevant phrases were "women's clothes" and "cheap women's clothes". The challenge is that high volume generics are fiercely competitive. The two key terms we targeted had 84m and 144m competing web pages respectively.

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An integrated approach.

We based our strategy around a combination of on-site SEO enhancements, link development via a mixture of directory submissions, online PR, article submission, blog-ring creation as well as targeting blog links from the fashion sector. We also raised Peacock's profile within numerous social media networks related to the fashion industry. The results of this bold campaign are something we are really proud of.


Big numbers

Non-brand delivered 10x more revenue

In short, the approach worked. We achieved number one positions for "women's clothes" and "cheap clothes". Our non-brand keyword phrases produced 10 times more revenue than the year before. Overall, the campaign generated over 1.5m visitors and grew revenue by 255%.

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