Peacocks PPC

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Peacocks Paid Search Campaign

When Equator was tasked with increasing revenue online - one of the first challenges was to improve Peacocks' paid search campaign.


A thorough rethink was needed

After an initial interrogation, we found that Peacocks' paid search campaign was in need of a thorough restructuring. It was obvious that the program had been automated and lacked the oversight of a qualified PPC manager.


The big number

We exceeded the revenue target by over 80%

By creating a simple, more manageable campaign structure, and curating it by hand, we were able to deliver a significant uplift in revenue.

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A simpler, more effective campaign

We completely rebuilt the account, redeveloping it in such a way that it was efficient and easy to manage. The whole structure of the account was changed to align keywords and ad copy and so that it mirrored the structure of the Peacocks site. This not only helped run the account on a day to day basis but it also made it easier to quickly make additions to the account when Peacocks added a new range or category.

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Big Numbers

Ahead of target

The PPC campaign made a big contribution to the overall performance of the Peacocks site. PPC conversion was increased by over 40% in just 12 months and we beat revenue targets by over 80%.

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