What started out as a website redesign project became a full integrated launch campaign.



As with everything we do, we went above and beyond when developing our ideas for OXY. We developed an integrated brand strategy for OXY aimed at gaining stand-out and loyalty. Our strategy was based around a single big idea to ensure cross-channel coherence. The big idea was based around the simple idea that girls prefer guys who look after their skin. Therefore 'Girls stick to OXY guys'.


A significant uplift in awareness to 66%

The campaign grew brand awareness from 57% to 66% (the only brand to significantly grow awareness over this period) and the research company charted a significant increase in the number of people who would consider buying OXY.



A fully integrated approach

OXY liked our thinking and as well as commissioning us to develop their website, we were invited to develop the TV campaign as well as support other channels like the package design and print advertising to make sure the brand was represented consistently wherever it appeared.



A simple, big idea

Our simple, big idea made for a punchy, consistent experience across all channels, including TV, packaging, website, PPC, SEO, display and PR. The new OXY products hit the shelves, screens and the web simultaneously in Q4 2008 and over the following few months the integrated campaign proved to be a big success.


Big numbers

High awareness among the target audience

The campaign boosted awareness from 57% to 66% and delivered over 750,000 hits to the new oxy.co.uk site. The target groups of mothers and young men all responded well, with the uplift in awareness most marked in young men. What's more, it beat Lemsip, Nicorette, Savlon and Optrex to win the Best New Product launch at the Smart Awards for retailers.

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