OFFICE Affiliates

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OFFICE Affiliate Program

We proved the effectiveness of an affiliate program to this sceptical footwear retailer.


Six months to turn things around

Before we took on the management of the affiliate programme, OFFICE seriously doubted its profitability and wanted to close the channel completely. We asked them to have faith in us, giving us 6 months to turn it around. The first thing was to conduct a full review and audit of the existing programme to identify the reasons for the lacklustre performance. From there we created a detailed strategy to reinvigorate the campaign.


The big number

168% sales growth in under a year

Our program delivered big returns and turned a business that was sceptical of this channel into a believer.

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An integrated approach to affiliates

We worked closely with OFFICE to help them better understand how to integrate the affiliate channel into their existing marketing mix. We also worked to educate affiliates on OFFICE’s unique selling points and familiarised them with their trading calendar for the upcoming year. We brought on a second network to ensure every top affiliate could promote OFFICE regardless of their network preference.

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Optimising affiliate activity

A bespoke recruitment programme quickly identified niche affiliates that would be best suited to helping drive sales to the OFFICE site, as well as ensuring that they exploited long-tail opportunities and increased the brand's share of voice for key products. Finally, a wide-ranging communication plan was put in place; including an affiliate blog, weekly offers and hot picks via RSS, forum posts & face-to-face meetings to make sure the program was as efficient as possible.

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Big numbers

An effective new channel for OFFICE

The efficiencies we brought to the program made a big difference to the OFFICE online business. They experienced a 155% year-on-year increase in revenue, 72% year-on-year increase in average order value and a huge 168% year-on-year increase in sales. Their commitment to affiliates is evident in the fact the program quadrupled in size after just 12 months of activity.