National Trust


A campaign to reinvigorate the National Trust’s ‘Great British Walk’

Inspiring the public to get on their feet and rediscover the outdoors on the ‘Great British Walk’ - The National Trust’s annual walking festival.


Shifting perceptions of The National Trust

The National Trust approached 999 to create a distinct identity and promotional campaign for their annual Walking Festival the ‘Great British Walk’. The challenge was not only to create a compelling campaign that would get the British public on their feet, but to help fulfil the Trust’s wider strategic priority of ‘getting people out and about’ and ‘closer to nature’. Walking was a key activity in shifting perceptions of the Trust away from simply being ‘custodians of stately homes’ towards ‘providers of great outdoor experiences’. Thus our aim was to increase understanding and support for the vast array of outdoor spaces in their care.


The Big number

A 1,596% increase in the number of participants

2012 was a busy year for the British public with the Olympics and Jubilee to enjoy but our campaign had the cut through it needed and delivered some impressive results. Overall, 1.09m people took part which exceeded the campaign target by 992,000.



A visual identity to reflect what makes walking great

We created is a flexible, highly visual identity to reflect what really makes walking great - what you discover along the way, breathtaking views, getting close to nature, reaching summits and ultimately making memories to share with family and friends. The simple signpost graphic for the campaign is both flexible and recognisable and can be built upon in coming years, creating a more recognisable event for the future. As the campaign’s key objective was to encourage the public to share their favourite walks, we designed a montage style of imagery, evoking a sense of personal memories and experiences.



Dispelling the idea that walking is just about getting from A to B

Our approach to the Great British Walk was to create an identity based on the idea of ‘going your own way’ by encouraging exploration and the sharing of memories and experiences. We had to dispel the idea that ‘walking is just about getting from A to B’ or that enjoying the great outdoors has to involve hiking boots, complicated maps and compasses. The signpost graphic was created to act as a flexible, recognisable device to also accommodate events held in Wales and Northern Ireland.

The overall aim was to create something that could be built on it over the coming years in order to create a recognisable event for the future.


Big numbers

1.09m participants took part in the Great British Walk,

  • 399 properties took part – far exceeding the target of 250 for 2012
  • 276% increase on the target for actual walking events taking place
  • 4% of properties saw an increase in visitors out walking
  • 46% of properties saw an increase in visitors taking part in outdoor-themed events
  • 30% of properties saw an increase in visitor numbers during the campaign
  • 1,596% increase in number of participants from the previous year

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