We created a shiny new corporate site for the parent company of brands including Oxy and Deep Heat.


Re-imagining the B2B experience

You might not have heard of Mentholatum but you've probably heard of the well-known brands in their portfolio. Mentholatum specialises in family healthcare, producing the UK’s No.1 selling pain relief heat and freeze brands, helping people manage muscular and joint pain. As part of our long-term relationship with the business, we were invited to re-imagine their online corporate presence.



A blank slate

We designed a site that presented information in a clear, easy-to-follow manner at all times. We conceived the Mentholatum corporate site as a (beautifully crafted) blank slate, onto which we could layer the very different and visually striking brands they own



A cross-sell opportunity

The Mentholatum site was primarily aimed at a B2B audience, however having investigated user behaviour, we discovered that it could perform a commercial cross-sell task of making people aware of other Mentholatum brands. To achieve this, we created brand-specific areas which could easily be found by customers. we connected this to a hub that allowed visitors to investigate the product portfolio and determine which product(s) best suited their needs.