Malmaison Hotels


Integrated Marketing Strategy

We developed an integrated marketing strategy for long-term client Malmaison to help them combat the increasing competition from OTA's.


The Challenge.

During a 7 year partnership, Equator have supported Malmaison with a robust digital marketing strategy that consists of PPC, SEO, Display, and Affiliates. The channels had consistently performed well until the end of 2016 when increased competition from Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and significant changes in the search landscape posed new, and greater challenges that the business had never experienced before.


This called for some drastic changes to be made and Equator were challenged with reinventing their strategy and allocation of monthly investment to spark a year on year resurgence in performance and maintain consistent revenue growth, which has been achieved throughout 2018.



Our Strategy.

To achieve this, Equator deployed an integrated marketing strategy that combined the skills our PPC, SEO, Affiliates and Display experts. Traditional strategies were scrutinized enabling all those involved to maximize returns year-round and most importantly, turn periods of low occupancy into huge revenue opportunities. 

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Success through integration.

The success of this campaign came from utilising traditional practices to support one another and to target the customer at every step in the user journey, ultimately leading to increasing traffic and driving conversions to the Malmaison site.


We deployed a proactive PPC bidding strategy that not only supported locations during low occupancy periods but also maximised returns during periods of increased competition that would have otherwise increased spend and diminished ROI. We also launched the brand’s first programmatic display campaign to strengthen the brand awareness and prevent it from being drowned out by the global display campaigns launched by some of the biggest OTAs in the game.



35% growth in room bookings.

The result was a strategy that smashed booking and revenue targets and the brand has made a year-on-year resurgence in one of the most competitive market places.


Year-on-year room bookings grew by 35%, resulting in revenue growing by a staggering 36% year on year.

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