Maldron Hotels


Part of the Dalata Hotels Family.

Equator focused on carefully segmented and tailored content campaigns by way of group level re-engagement, RFM modelling and promotional campaigns.


The Challenge.

 As Maldron is a 3* value-friendly, family-focused hotel chain, they have a stronger focus on family segments than the more professional and couple oriented Clayton Hotel group do. They also aim to deliver content that supports the value-friendly promotions, facilities and locations available. Splitting out user journeys, content, themes, messaging and propositions towards couple, family and airport location targeted audiences and then further by CRM RFM score and re-engagement requirements transformed Maldron Hotels’ email metric KPIs and customer base.



The importance of automated and personalised content.

Equator identified family, airport and couple segments within the CRM and created full user journeys across a content-focused and promotional calendar that took into account various touch points and stages in the customer life-cycle. It was important to automate and personalise content as much as possible throughout the campaigns to ensure consistent communications that benefitted delivery, relevancy and ROI.



Carefully curated and highly relevant content.

Campaign success was a result of carefully curated content that was highly-relevant to the corresponding family, airport and couple segments at every stage of their re-engagement and customer lifecycle journey.  


We implemented a full end-to-end re-engagement campaign that spans 18+ months of users based on their audience segments, campaign and booking engagement. On top of that we smashed industry benchmarks across promotional, propositional and seasonal campaigns that were targeted towards CRM-identified segments. Finally, we implemented an award-winning 999 Design modular template suite that’s optimised towards click behaviours and device-readiness.



Higher value customers and an increase in loyalty.

As with Clayton Hotels, Maldron Hotels saw a shifting pattern in their customer base’s spending and staying habits, with a rise in higher value customers and increase in loyalty.


Due to more targeted and optimised content, the group saw click to open rates 3.5 times higher than industry benchmark and open rates 2 times higher.

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