Macdonald Hotels

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We created one of the world’s first large-scale responsive sites and transformed this hotel company’s performance.


A complete overhaul was needed

Macdonald Hotels briefed Equator to overhaul their aging web estate. There was a requirement to streamline the booking process and put greater focus on the other areas for revenue growth. They wanted to make more of a feature of their Golf, Spa, Weddings, Business and Food & Drink facilities.

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Moving to a mobile-first world

We were tasked with creating forward thinking website that differentiated Macdonald Hotels. We had to simplify and improve the customer journey to grow bookings and revenue through the site. Initial research revealed that it was imperative the new site catered for mobile users as their numbers were increasing exponentially.

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A first-class experience

One of our challenges was maintaining a first-class experience across all devices. Macdonald wanted to be seen as more premium than competitors by offering a diverse range of hotels (from luxury hotels, to country houses, to boutique city centre locations), along with high quality food and drink and additional packages.

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A completely new design process

Our pioneering, responsive design concept meant a complete rethink of our design process involving thorough testing prototypes on all devices to make sure we delivered a consistently high-quality experience. We also re-wrote the site's 600+ pages to create a stronger personality and to achieve better search engine traction.

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Big numbers

The site paid for itself in less than a year

In just 9 months, revenues had increased by 8% to almost £1.5 million. Not only that, but was one of the world’s first hotel sites with fully responsive functionality for devices. It was showcased on and in The Financial Times as a leading example of design for an increasingly mobile, touch-based world.

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