LTA Mini Tennis

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A new brand identity for the LTA’s youth tennis programmes

A visual identity that speaks to a brand savvy, youth audience through promotional materials for the Lawn Tennis Association Cardio Tennis and Mini Tennis programme.


Encouraging children to play tennis

We created a number of new brands for the LTA, helping to both reposition and refresh existing programmes. This included new brand identities for the relaunch of Cardio Tennis and Tennis Express – fun, fitness-focused learning programmes designed to engage new audiences. We also delivered a bold refresh of Mini Tennis – a dynamic programme to encourage children to enjoy the sport both on and off the court.


The Big number

90% increase in participation

Post launch, the number of children participating in Mini Tennis had increased by 90%, a 409% increase in monthly views of the website, 35% more coaches, and 56% more venues delivering the programme. The success of the rebrand lead to a significant sponsorship by Highland Spring and an update to the Mini Tennis identity.



Creating guidelines

The relaunched brand was to be the new kite mark for the delivery of tennis to children in Britain with rewards such as certificates and badges for youngsters who took part.

As well as physical Mini Tennis badges and Rally Award certificates, we created comprehensive visual guidelines and an array of rollout items for the launch to include posters and literature, t-shirts and a variety of branded merchandise and event materials, as well as bespoke packaging for Highland Spring water.



Adding animation

Central to the brief was the creation of a set of animated characters that would engage and resonate with young people. Each of the characters was created to support the different needs of the age group categories to ensure visual engagement and wide appeal.


Big numbers

409% increase in monthly views of the website

Overall, our campaign led to a 409% increase in monthly views of the website, as well as a 90% increase in the number of children participating in Mini Tennis.

We also saw 35% more coaches employed and an overall 56% more venues delivering the programme.