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Making a household name

Equator devised a high-impact educational PR & social media campaign that launched secured loan broker to the marketplace.


Educating customers

Our campaign focused on educating consumers and brokers during a period of changing regulation for the secured loan industry. Spanning both PR and social, the content campaign aimed to drive transparency and overcome negative perceptions of a re-energised area of the UK loans market. Our strategy aimed to help people make informed choices on their spending decisions through engaging content and consumer insight, whilst providing authoritative advice to the broker community as the industry geared up a for a period of new growth.


The Big number

Reaching 2m consumers

We devised a campaign that engaged with consumers across the UK. We began with commissioning consumer research which shaped our content themes and provided valuable insight for both ourselves and the team. The research informed the campaign throughout the calendar year, enabling us to gain valuable traction across UK media and design engaging content for our social campaign. The campaign reached over 2million consumers in its first 12 months, building strong brand traction and positioning secured loans as a borrowing choice for UK consumers.



Brokering deals

We also devised a thought leadership campaign with the CEO Paul McGerrigan.

As the industry prepared for new regulation by the FCA, we identified an opportunity to lead the debate and position Paul as the voice of the industry.

Delivered across national, trade media and LinkedIn, the campaign aimed to build relations with the broker community, and tackle uncertainty, through educational content and industry insight.

We supported the activity with a media relations campaign which built connections with mainstream and trade journalists, making Paul the “go-to-guy” for industry comment and reaction.

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Amplifying the campaign

Our consumer insight shaped our content campaign and brought a strategic approach to our work with

We used this research to work with our SEO team and develop campaigns that resonated with specific audiences.

For example our content team created informative videos and widgets that advised on a range of issues including debt consolidation and home improvement.

Driving the traffic to the website and supporting conversions, the campaign re-affirmed the objective to help consumers make informed choices on their spending.


Big Numbers

Reaching new growth is now the leading provider of secured loans as the industry enters a new period of growth.

Our campaign educated consumers on their financial needs, building trust, transparency and ultimately increasing loan volumes.

We also engaged effectively with the broker community through an education strategy that informed and built relations with brokers during a period of new regulation.

With the CEO Paul McGerrigan positioned as a voice of the industry, is ready to exploit increasing consumer appetite for is secured loan proposition.