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Black Horse Finance - ‘Passport’ Web Application

Lloyds tasked Equator with creation a new proposition to target customers at the beginning of their decision process about car finance.
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The Challenge.

Lloyd’s Black Horse wanted to explore the creation of a completely new proposition that would establish a direct relationship with consumers; helping them to make decisions about car finance earlier in the car research process.  The objective was to give the consumer giving them visibility of all car finance options, helping them to get the best car for their money, while also driving leads for the business.


Equator was brought in to review the initial concepts created by the internal team, create designs and a prototype that would deliver a best in class solution and an easy-to-use interface, as well as consult on the backend requirement to merge seamlessly with Black Horse’s internal systems.

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Giving control back to the user.

We began by focusing on the customer, and their needs. We gathered as much information as we could about how people go about buying a car and from this, we created personas of the different types of consumers who would benefit from the product.


We then designed a unique new quote-and-buy website, which put users in control of selecting the car they want and the finance solution which best suits their needs. The design had to provide a simple and clear layout for something that is actually a very complex process: allowing consumers to quickly see how each finance option impacts on their monthly and overall payments, and what cars are available to them with each type of finance and budget. The tool also collects user contact details at the initial stages of the process so that leads can be generated easily.

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The importance of personalisation.

Consumers are able to personalise different elements of the package, including their choice of deposit, loan terms, mileage and car specifications, allowing them to create a personalised quote. The functionality we created also allowed Black Horse Finance to upsell to alternative finance products, and tailor messaging to the user.


As the site would need to attract a wide audience of the car buying public to help deliver more traffic and leads, it was vital that the site could be optimised for key search terms. To ensure this, relevant content tools were created to generate interest as well as high quality links.  These tools could be packaged and distributed to other car-buying sites as user-friendly widgets in order to drive more traffic directly to the site.


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An inspiration to the rest of the business.

Our concept was extremely well received by Black Horse Finance, and several of its consumer insights and design elements have been implemented by different sections of the business to improve their own online journeys.

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