HTC launch

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HTC launch campaigns

Over a three-year period, we created Europe-wide, integrated launch campaigns for 12 new handsets.


The birth of a household name

HTC was a relatively unknown brand when we began working with them. But they had big ambitions. Their fast-paced, innovative approach produced more than 12 new mobile products in just three years. We created online and offline content to help promote all of them and helped make the brand famous in the process. We’ve included some highlights of our work here.

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HTC P3470

Interactive experience for Orange France

We came up with a concept that took the visitor on a trip across Paris. A journey that's part game and part tour of the phone's features. The central element demonstrated the phone's camera by challenging players to capture the events happening at the Eiffel Tower. The experience received over 1,000,000 interactions in just 3 months, with an average dwell time of around 5 minutes, resulting in over 100,000 hours spent engaging with the brand.

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HTC Hero

Unrivalled customisation

This pan-European launch for HTC Hero covered 11 countries, each with specific asset requirements. HTC Hero was an important launch as it was their first device based around Sense – an innovative, user-centric interface. Our integrated campaign consisted of rich media banners, site takeovers, dynamic microsites and Twitter activity based on the concept of ‘Your Hero is following you’. The campaign generated over 15m impressions across display and social.

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HTC Diamond 2

A hands-on experience

This integrated campaign was launched simultaneously in 11 countries and consisted of rich media display plus supporting sites and interactive widgets. The central idea was to give away some of the cool features of the phone by creating interactive widget that could be installed and shared on Facebook, Microsoft Live, iGoogle, Yahoo Widgets and NetVibes. The results were pretty compelling; the widgets delivered an 89% conversion to install and overall demand for the Diamond 2 was so high that retailers across Europe ran out of stock.