Highland Spring



A high-quality, visually appealing experience that expressed the unique Highland Spring brand personality.


Fiercely proud

Highland Spring is, rightly, fiercely proud of its water source and the surrounding area. They wanted to redesign the HighlandSpring.com website to more clearly communicate and endorse the key brand attributes to all visitors and provide easily attainable information to the different audiences.


Big number

Audience growth to 28k

Within a year, the site's audience grew to over 28,000 visitors. Hundreds of people downloaded the useful Parents and Teachers Supply packs. Highland Spring were also delighted to have seen a huge increase in online sports sponsorship applications.



Appealing to a broad audience

The site had to demonstrate Highland Spring's strong sporting credentials and the links with other partners. They wanted to showcase the role Highland Spring plays in everything from supplying water for prestigious TV shows and awards to getting involved in Glasgow's bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. We needed to make sure that Highland Spring could respond quickly to any media coverage regarding the environment and bottled water. It was vital that the Highland Spring website must be accessible, meeting the requirements of accessibility legislation.

02__highlandspring_content_2.jpg (1)


Welcome to Blackford. It’s raining again.

The overall concept was about minimal simplicity to communicate the quality and purity of the product. On top of this, we made it rain; throughout this elegant site we created a highly detailed animated rainstorm with raindrops interacting with the users cursor and the content on the page. A charming, elegant route that brought Highland Spring’s values to life.

02_HighSpring_content_3.jpg (1)


A great experience for everyone

To support the functional objectives, we developed a simple content management system allowing Highland Spring staff to maintain the site in-house. Furthermore, a dedicated media and press area was created to allow users to make enquiries, download information and check the latest news. As the site was built using Flash, we created a fully-functioning, ‘AA’ rated accessible version too.