Hebridean Sea Salt


Design that’s worth its salt

Brand refresh and packaging for a small Scottish, family owned sea salt producer with big ambitions.


Finding a gap in the market

In true island-prenuer style Natalie Crayton founded Hebridean Sea Salt in 2011 on the banks of the stunning Loch Erisort on the Isle of Lewis. Natalie identified a gap in the Scottish sea salt market. With an abundance of coastline at her doorstep she set out to be the first commercial sea salt producer in Scotland. In a marketplace dogged by health concerns, the objective of this audacious brand was to increase sales tenfold in one year. New branded packaging had a critical role in the growth of the brand, bringing alive the essential premium nature of the product.


The Big number

25 fold sales increase

Through the design alone (with no promotional or advertising support) the brand has achieved a 25 fold sales increase through listings in six major UK retailers and through exports to two key international markets in the US and China. The increased turnover has facilitated the expansion of the company, to increase production capacity by five times.



Punching above their weight

Natalie’s core ambition was to become the premium Scottish sea salt brand of choice in the UK and ultimately break into the international market. The main obstacle for Hebridean Sea Salt has been supply as their production capacity is small. This is a major consideration when trying to sell in to the major multiples. Competition was also a problem for Hebridean Sea Salt, being consistently outspent by bigger brands with more marketing muscle. From the outset Hebridean Sea Salt knew that their budget needed to work extra hard to ‘punch above their weight’ in terms of brand presence.



Bringing the product to life

Our solution was to bring the source, provenance and product to life to tell the brand story, literally. Using a typographic illustration style we crafted the essence of what makes Hebridean Sea Salt unique. The brand's narrative unfolds on the packaging resulting in a unique, contemporary and subtle expression of the brand.


Big numbers

Increased trade sales by 457%

Our work saw Hebridean Sea Salt achieve listings in five of the top UK retailers, with a 25-fold increase in sales, from £10k to £250k.

The company also won export contracts to two key international markets - US and China - and increased trade sales by 457%.

Not only this, but Hebridean Sea Salt also delivered a full ROI less than a week after launch.