We were given the challenge to create the best quote and buy tool in the market by the team at Health-On-Line. We accepted.


The best quote-and-buy tool

We had to create a tool that collected more visitor names and contact details, improve the lead development process and raise the visit-to-lead rate by at least 50% in the first 8 weeks after launch.


The big number

We achieved 500% growth in conversions

The Umbraco site we created, boosted conversions from 4.7% pre-launch to 23.3% within the first four months.



A confusing marketplace

We began by reviewing the product and online selection process. Our research revealed how people search for health insurance online. Consumers typically look at 8-10 providers and compare cover and price. However, we found that there was no simple way to compare products as each represented different packages and prices. We heard stories of customers creating their own spreadsheets to help them understand their options.

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An over-complicated product

We also found that complexity in Health-On-Line's quote-and-buy tool was a major obstacle to success. Consumers didn't understand the choices on offer, partly due to layout, partly in the way they were described. Getting the language right in insurance is difficult, thanks to many compliance constraints; but we realised it was vital we explained things in plain English.

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Turning challenges into opportunities

From our research, we focused in on three big ideas. Firstly, making the site more single-minded – starting the search process on the homepage. Secondly, turning the complex Health-On-Line model into a benefit – letting visitors build their own insurance product. Thirdly, ensuring everything was explained really clearly.

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The power of feeling in control

Once we had developed our concept for the quote-and-buy tool, the next step was to test it as a working prototype. A set of tasks was designed for the prototype to examine each stage of the quote-and-buy process in usability testing. We immediately saw that users loved the feeling of being in control of their options and the price - this was something they couldn't get elsewhere.



Optimised for search

Of course, the quote-and-buy tool was not the only significant improvement on the new website. It was vital to ensure that the site was optimised for key health insurance search terms, delivering more leads into the quote-and-buy tool. We ensured this by creating content around key comparison and health insurance search terms.


Big numbers

A market game-changer

At launch, we experienced a huge rise in the visit-to-lead rate. From 4.7% pre-launch to 8.6% in the first month. In the following 4 months, we raised this to 23.3%. A staggering 500% increase. During our promotion and optimisation campaign, Health-On-Line gained over 10,000 new leads equating to £400,000 of incremental revenue. And finally, we’re delighted to say that the site was awarded the Plain English Internet Crystal Mark. The first major health insurer in the market to hold this accolade.

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