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Over a 5 year period we managed the integrated digital estate for Haven, transforming the business into a true digital leader.


Haven.com 2007

During the period we worked with Haven Holidays, we redeveloped and enhanced the site every year. The site for 2007 represented the culmination of all the learnings, enhancements and experience. It’s a site that, even today, we’re really proud of both for its design and for its effectiveness.


The big number

The 2007 Haven site delivered 5% conversion

This is a number which we were super-excited about. The Haven booking process is not a simple one and 5% conversion is more than 5x what it was when we started working with the brand.



As good as being there

This site was designed to create a real experience for visitors, While reflecting Haven’s brand values of family fun, freedom and flexibility the site had to feel like actually being at the park. Alongside this, it was very important to Haven that we hit an AA accessibility rating without compromising on customer experience or brand identity.



More accessible, more enjoyable

Creating a successful user experience that balanced loads of strategically placed rich-media with AA accessibility was a big challenge. We solved it by painstakingly creating site-wide rule sets and design guides for every detail to make sure that each of the 600+ pages delivered an optimal experience for all users on all devices. As part of the experience, we created an interactive game-style tool to help visitors find their perfect holiday park. What had been a time-consuming process could now be done in seconds.


Big numbers

Better than Expedia

As a result of our learnings and enhancements the site performed really well. It achieved the highest rating in an online travel industry survey by Travolution magazine, beating sites such as expedia.co.uk and lastminute.com in terms of design, usability and accessibility. It achieve the AA accessibility rating, helped grow revenue by 34% and hit an all-time high conversion rate of 5%.