Haven Affiliate Campaign


Haven Affiliate Campaign

We reinvigorated an affiliate campaign for Haven that had been running over without proactive management.


Taking a strategic approach

We know the importance of personalisation in affiliates, and it was this that we used as the cornerstone of Haven’s campaign when we were appointed. We began by considering the approach already taken by the brand, and looked at how it could be adapted to increase its effectiveness.


The big number

Affiliate revenue hit £10m a year

There is really only one highlight - We increased revenue from affiliates from less than £80,000 a year to nearly £10,000,000 a year!

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Proactive management

Affiliate campaigns need to be curated and managed personally. If not they can become very expensive and not very effective. The campaign had been running on Commission Junction without proactive management. There were thousands of affiliates signed up and the commission was the lowest in the sector.

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Taking it personally

Our first actions were to open a second network, create a more targeted mix of affiliates, and introduce a tiered commission structure that paid 1% more. Through a combination of personal recruitment (we know the big travel affiliates personally), acting as a brand ambassador at affiliate events, competitions, promotions and including the affiliates in shaping the marketing strategy, we produced some very special results over the next four years.

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Big numbers

From little acorns…

Over the four years we worked with Haven on affiliates our campaign played a key role in transforming the fortunes of the online business. When we took on the campaign it was earning just £80,000 each year for the brand. By continually enhancing its effectiveness and working in collaboration with other channels, we grew the revenue to over £10,000,000 a year.