GTL Affiliate Campaign


GTL Affiliate Campaign

Our highly effective affiliate campaigns have brought Get The Label fantastic income generation, increased brand awareness and superior brand loyalty.


A transparent, accountable approach

We've built a very strong relationship with GTL thanks to the work we've done on their affiliate campaigns. As well as creating a single team and sharing success together, our success is due to our transparent, accountable approach. We work to a principle that a client’s investment should always be invested wisely with us.


The Big Number

Our campaign doubled conversion rate to 10%

Working with GTL and our affiliate network we successfully grew conversion from around 5% to over 10% in just two years.



It’s personal

It’s all about personal relationships. Success in affiliate management is about creating personal connections with them and equally a personal connection with the client breeds transparency, confidence and shared goals. It’s this kind of openness that enables us to maintain the kind of transparency and trust that makes businesses want to work with our affiliate team.



Carefully tailored campaigns

Over the years, we've developed robust commission structures, a carefully tailored incentive plan, a strong recruitment plan and added regular communications with affiliates, as well as developing new and more effective creative strategies. Our efforts ensured that the affiliate marketing programme with GTL has been successful in exceeding its potential. As with every client, we deliver insightful weekly and monthly reports which give the collaborative team the opportunity to build robust strategies and continually enhance activity.


Big numbers

Improved revenue, AOV & conversion

The challenge with any conversion-targeted campaign is to maintain a balance of focus. By carefully managing the affiliates and the custom they generated, we were able to not only double conversion rate but grow overall revenue from £63,291 to over £160, 000 and grow average order value by 23% to £52. All told we delivered a 10:1 ROI across all activity.