Golden Charter

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Funeral planning made easy

Equator worked closely with Golden Charter to transform their digital offering, creating a best-in-class website focused on informing the user, driving quality leads and improving online sales volumes.


Transforming the strategy

Golden Charter approached Equator in 2014 looking to transform their performance online. While Equator were tasked with overhauling their digital strategy, at the heart of this was the requirement to create a market-leading website that: explains the benefits and need for a funeral plan; convinces the user that Golden Charter are a trustworthy supplier; showcases the various products available; generates significant volumes of quality leads for the sales team; and has a slick e-commerce solution for online purchasing. Equator worked with the Golden Charter team and customers, to deliver a site which significantly improved their online performance and efficiency.


The Big Number

E-Commerce conversion rate up 67%

Since the launch of the site, Golden Charter’s online performance has significantly improved. E-Commerce conversion rate has increased by 67%, while goal conversion rate (primarily lead generation) has increased 273%. By educating the users, taking them on a journey, and making it as easy as possible to get in touch or make a purchase, we were able to make impressive improvements to the site performance across these key metrics, resulting in impressive post-launch growth. Due to the responsive nature of the site, and our mobile-first approach, we also delivered valuable improvements to mobile performance post-launch: a 50% increase in mobile conversion rate and 400% increase in tablet conversion rate.

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Leading the way

From our initial investigation into the business, the customers and the marketplace, it was clear that the requirement was more than a simple lead generation website. We identified 4 key barriers for users undertaking a key action on the site: Why do they need a funeral plan? Why should they choose Golden Charter? Which plan is right for them? Which payment option is right for them? As this is a complex buying process for the user in a relatively unfamiliar market, we needed to ensure that the website held the users hand throughout the process, providing the relevant information whatever stage of the process they were in. This was where we could really stand out from the competition and position Golden Charter as the number one choice.

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Creating a user journey

Once we had identified the strategy and key questions we needed to answer for the users, the next stage was to design and build the website to tell a story. We focused on taking the user on a journey, reassuring them of the brand values, educating them on the product and offering, and making it easy to compare and analyse the plans available to them. Due to the sensitive nature of the product, the content had to help and assist as opposed to sell and persuade.

Using a component-based approach, we created a framework that was flexible and easy to manage for the client, and simple and effective for the end user. From a back-end point of view, the site handled multiple third party and internal integrations to ensure a robust, secure and compliant solution.

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Big Numbers

Higher conversion rate

Combined with Equator’s management of their digital marketing channels, we significantly improved Golden Charter’s online performance. In a marketplace that is growing more and more competitive with new entrants, we were able to report excellent results post go-live which were well received by the client.

Not only did the conversion rate for leads significantly improve by over 200%, the quality of these leads were of a much higher standard which resulted in improved enquiry-to-sale conversion rates.

The percentage of users actually purchasing online also increased by over 60%, due to the fact that the site was now giving the user everything they needed to make an informed decision, while utilising UX best practice throughout the process.

The end result was a happy client and the start of a long-term, ongoing strategic partnership.

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