Entrepreneurial Spark

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The Chiclets are Coming

An award-winning social media strategy that sky-rocketed brand awareness, beat ambitious recruitment targets by 13% and reduced CPA by 48%.


World’s largest free business accelerator shakes up social media to attract young businesses

Entrepreneurial Spark nurtures and supports entrepreneurs and startups at their ‘Hatcheries’ across the UK. To help them expand in new cities, they asked us to boost their brand to attract young local businesses – or ‘Chiclets’. They wanted us to ignite their digital channels with a “disruptive, fun and dangerous” paid social campaign. So that’s what we did, targeting entrepreneurs and new businesses located near their Hatcheries.


The Big number

A 48% drop in cost per acquisition

Our multi-channel social media campaign cut cost per acquisition from £124 to £64 – a reduction of 48%. As a result, Entrepreneurial Spark is refocusing their future recruitment campaigns to concentrate solely on paid social media.



Cutting through social media clutter to connect with the right people at the right time

Standing out in the sea of social media noise is hard. Compelling people to take action is harder. Our sophisticated targeting helped Entrepreneurial Spark’s sponsored posts reach the right entrepreneurs and small businesses in the right locations. As the campaign evolved, so did our social media targeting. Lookalike audiences directed sponsored posts to people similar to existing Chiclets. Tracking pixels revealed how ads performed and how many people were signing up. And regular reviews allowed us to quickly refine Twitter, Facebook and Instagram budgets to get the best results.

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Cracking puns coupled with B-movie charm has potential Chiclets flocking

Inspired by Entrepreneurial Spark’s unique chicken-based lingo, our fun-filled campaign used playful headlines and bold imagery, including giant chicks and eggs, and iconic landmarks from each city. Our B-movie styled video propelled the campaign to the next level, showcasing Entrepreneurial Spark’s achievements and the Chiclet’s job-creating powers for each city. Businesses were keen to find out more.

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Big Numbers

Recruitment campaign revolution delivers target-smashing success

There were over 23.7m impressions of our campaign - which led to 44k+ traffic driven to application page.

And Entrepreneurial Spark made some friends along with way - 5000 new Facebook and Twitter followers to be exact. And we’re not the only ones who think the project was a great success. It was also named Social Media Campaign of the Year at the 2016 Herald Digital Business Awards.