Elegant Resorts



Elegant Resorts gave us the challenge of revamping their website without starting from scratch.


Connecting with the luxury audience

Elegant Resorts sells some of the most luxurious holidays in the world. When they came to Equator, their digital presence was in need of an overhaul to present the brand in a way that would connect with its target audience. The challenge was that the site contained thousands of pages of content that they didn’t want to have to re-create. So we had to create a clever strategy to keep what worked and enhance what didn’t.



Throwing out the bathwater, keeping the baby

We began by carrying out a thorough user experience review and discovering several areas where we could make significant improvements to its performance. Elegant Resorts liked the structure of the site they were working with but we felt that certain aspects of the experience could be made stronger.



Creating elegant experience

In the process of redevelopment we restructured content pages to make the information clearer. We simplified the journeys to booking and streamlined the entire booking enquiry process. Alongside this, we worked to re-format the navigation to make the whole site an easier, more-pleasurable experience.


Big numbers

A beautiful site that delivered

The overall effect was a site that was a far more effective marketing tool for Elegant Resorts and a more appropriate brand asset for them too.