Eden Collection



Working with the founders to create the brand concept, style and digital experience for this luxury travel company.


Like nothing else

We were very excited to be involved with this brand at such an early stage. This particular brand is especially enjoyable because it really is like nothing else in its sector. It was founded with a commitment to delivering not just luxury holidays but a truly luxurious end-to-end travel experience.



A curated experience

The concept was that visitors to the site would be provided with an extensive portfolio of locations across the globe that aren’t featured because they're paying a fee to The Eden Collection - they feature because they're handpicked by the founder and his team.



Honesty at the heart

To bring this concept to life, we created The Eden Collection website as a uniquely luxurious experience. Customers of The Eden Collection aren't interested in marketing rhetoric, so we created a genuine warts-and-all view of each destination, simply because it's the right thing to do. Because these days, when your online presence means a good or bad reputation spreads like wildfire, it pays to be straight with people. It was decided Umbraco would be the clear choice for this.


Big numbers

A long-lasting legacy

We are really enthusiastic about this brand and are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the team to develop a business with a truly unique perspective. To create something of value and longevity.