We helped launch a brand new SIM-only mobile offering that would deliver market-leading value to customers in the UK.


A collaborative approach

We were thrilled to be back working closely with the team at easyGroup, and this project turned out to be more than just a standard website design. We worked collaboratively with the easyMobile team and their other agencies to develop a revised brand strategy from the ground up.



Re-connecting with the family

The easyMobile offering had been on the market for 2 years when we were asked to look at the web offering and the overall branding. We found that there were branding issues due to a disconnect with the main easyGroup ethos so we set about rectifying those by bringing the look and feel more into line as well as developing a new proposition for easyMobile.



Simply does it!

We wanted to express that this SIM-only product offered a quick and easy way to get up and running with a mobile or even use it as a spare. We designed the website to support the proposition with a very simple interface and the facility to merchandise the handsets offered with the SIM cards. In addition, we included room to poke a stick at some of the big players in the market.


Big numbers

Light-hearted and engaging

The result was an engaging, light-hearted solution that connected with the core brand values to bring a sense of personality and value to the experience. The simplicity-driven approach made signing-up completely effortless.