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We helped Stelios launch the digital platform for a new range of super-budget hotels in city centres all over the world.


The challenge

Our main challenge when asked to design a site to promote the easyHotel product was to integrate the easyHotel range seamlessly with a feed of more than 20,000 hotels around the world, all supplied by Octopus Travel.



A new member of the ‘easy’ family

Not only did we have to develop easyHotel's brand - we also had to work on an interface and technical integration too. From a brand perspective, we had to be careful to avoid diluting the easyHotel message and values when adding in the feed of 3rd party hotels.

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A clear, comprehensive customer view

From an interface point of view, we had to make it clear that there were two groups of hotels to search; with easyHotels being the preferred option (obviously). From an integration point of view, we had to pull in and format the data for the 20,000 Octopus hotels to work within the format we required for the easyHotel product.


Big numbers

easyHotel-shaped gems

In bringing all these things together we achieved a clean, easy-to-use site that offers a huge choice as well as a few little easyHotel-shaped gems!

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