DFDS Seaways


Integrated search strategy

Working with DFDS we created an integrated search campaign coordinating both paid and natural search activity.


The integrated search challenge

The challenge for Equator was to develop an effective integrated search campaign to suit the diverse and competitive product offering. An integrated strategy means you get the best of both paid and natural search. Our view has always been that paid search is like renting - whereas SEO is like paying for a mortgage on a house you own. With this in mind, we also devised and executed an extremely successful SEO strategy.


The big number

Our work netted DFDS £50 for every £1 spent

By integrating natural and paid search we delivered big returns that made a real difference to the DFDS online business.



Immediate growth required

DFDS was keen to see immediate growth and a program that worked hard to reach their target market of travellers in the North of England, South of Scotland and within the radius of their secondary hub Harwich. Not only that, they also insisted that we deliver added value by reaching people interested in short breaks and package holidays to Europe - a notoriously competitive and challenging market.



An exciting challenge

We knew the account was going to be an exciting challenge and would most certainly require some serious creative thinking. To deliver this, we spent a lot of time working closely with DFDS to better understand their business, its key drivers, the S.W.O.T of their offering and, most importantly, their customers. To develop the necessary insight, we worked with DFDS to create an in-house support team to ensure we clarified the offering on every aspect of their product, their marketing and gained all the customer insight that might help us develop a cutting edge PPC & SEO program.


Big numbers

A finely-honed campaign

With tens of thousands of keywords, hundreds of ads and dozens of different ad locations, the campaign’s geographical targeting reached only the strongest potential audiences. Its messaging constantly refined to maximize conversion. As a result of our work, we delivered a stunning return on investment of 50:1.

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