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DeAgostini Make Cakes

My Cake Decorating

DeAgostini worked with Equator to capitalise on a growing trend in cake-making and create an online community for bakery buffs.


Baking was on the rise

Noting a rising trend in home baking, DeAgostini sought to add a cake decorating branch to their extensive print and online repertoire. Thanks to popular trends like The Great British Bake-off, we found that online conversation on the topic was growing exponentially. We were already working together to build out DeAgostini's digital communities and this was to be the next big opportunity for them.


The big number

£1m in sales in just one day

The results were unexpectedly good. Just one day after launch the site delivered over £1m in sales. It went on to become their most successful launch in the company’s history.

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Rising above the competition

DeAgostini envisaged a site that would visually stunning, engaging and drive sales. It had to sell as many magazine subscriptions as possible and create a large social following for the Cake Decorating brand. It needed to showcase the brand and products using impressive imagery, supported by clean and simple navigation.

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A conversion focussed approach

The site was split into 5 main sections, with prominent subscription buttons placed throughout the key pages of the site to ensure online subscriptions were the main call to action. These buttons were designed to represent the same look and feel as the overall site design, but also stand out from the page and ensure visibility throughout the site.

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Big numbers

The icing on the cake

Although it was new territory for them, Cake Decorating has been by far DeAgostini's most successful partwork. Initially, online subscriptions were so high that the amount of available product completely sold out and DeAgostini had to increase stock to satisfy the extraordinary level of demand. The site launched on 12 March 2012, and by the end of day one, the site had generated over £1m in sales not to mention high levels of engagement among the audience.

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